Top 5 Wedding Venues in Virginia 


These 5 best wedding venues are only my personal opinion and not to be taken as a ranking. I have listed them out below in no particular order. I think these five wedding venues all have different aesthetics with gorgeous spaces for photos and video for the happy couple and their bridal party. If you want to know what each venue looks like I recommend touring and visiting their websites - the websites will all be linked below.

1. The Winery at Bull Run

The photo above was taken at The Winery at Bull Run in Manassas, Virginia. This is a great historic site that's right off of highway 29. The ceremony usually takes place outside (unless it rains) and has a large enough venue space for 100+ guests. It's great for photos because they are all taken outside and you can capture the leaves in autumn or spring, the historic site, and the surrounding vineyard. There are three key spots to taking photos at this venue. The first one is where the ceremony site takes place, the second spot is in the vineyard and the third spot is in front of the mural of the bull run winery. The venue leads up to the indoor space where the reception takes place while cocktail hour usually takes place downstairs in the production barn. For more information and to view the venue you can visit,

2. The Cove at Fawn lake

The Cove at Fawn Lake is located in Spotsylvania, Virginia. It's part of a golf course, and has a lake as well as a small beach area. The lake is located right off of the ceremony site, and it's sure to take your breath away. This venue is worth every cent for your wedding because of the beautiful aesthetics. The picture above was taken of Sydney, who recently got married in October of 2020. The three areas that are perfect for photos and video are where the ceremony takes place, the beach area and and the dock on the water. These are the three places, and they have gorgeous backgrounds no matter your colors or time of year. For more information regarding wedding packages and visit 

3. Morais Vineyards & Winery

The photo above was taken at Morais Vineyards and Winery in Bealeton, Virginia. This venue is beautiful and is on the more expensive side as far as pricing goes, and rightfully so. The ceremony area takes place under a beautiful wooden awning with a patio isle, perfect for the couple and bridal party to walk down. Not to mention the fountain and pond surrounding the ceremony site. It's the perfect ambiance for your guests along with a gorgeous background that photographers and videographers dream of. There is also a back-up plan in case it rains located in the main ballroom. The main ballroom still has that indoor, outdoor feel because of the amount of large windows surrounding the ballroom. There is a stage that can be used for the sweetheart table, the DJ, the cake, or whatever you want to be spotlighted! There is also an upstairs and outside terrace for overflow and great if your guests want to wander around. For more information and to view the venue you can visit,

4. Harbour View Events

Harbour View Events is located in Woodbridge, Virginia. This venue is located right on the occoquan river and has the option of an indoor yet outdoor ceremony site. The ceremony area has a roof covering, yet is open to the harbor on the back side. It's perfect no matter what time of year your wedding is taking place. You can still have a winter wedding as there is an option to have the ceremony upstairs in an indoor ballroom. The venue has three different ballrooms for all types of party sizes, a galley area for cocktail hour, and the veranda which is the designated ceremony site. You'll feel right at home with the occoquan harbor and fresh air surrounding you and your guests. It's perfect for weddings no matter if you have 20 guests or 200! For more information to tour or see the venue, visit

5. Guildford Farms

Guildford Farms is located in Ruckersville, Virginia (close to Charlottesville). This venue is located close to the blue ridge mountains and is great if you add drone footage to see all of the surrounding trees and mountains. The ceremony area is outside right in front of the venue's newly built reception barn which is an open field perfect for that natural, airy look!  There is even a separate house that is walking distance where the couple and bridal parties can get ready along with the option of staying overnight. Perfect for the couple and a few guests who are too tired to drive home or have a little too much to drink! ;) The venue has an open feel along with the rustic, wooden look perfect if you have that farmhouse, minimalistic or even boho style! The outdoor, indoor feel is great if you want to entertain your guests with fun countryside games like, cornhole, a DIY photo booth, or snuggling up with a blanket with a campfire! If you want that fresh mountain air with that countryside aesthetic this is the venue for you!  For more information to tour or see the venue, visit

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