course, shooting photos and videos! I enjoy shooting a variety of videos and photos across DC, Maryland and Virginia as well as traveling across the U.S. The photos and videos I do include promotional videos for social media platforms and websites, branding photos, headshot photos and real estate photos and videos. If you like my style of work and need content creation for your business and/or social media, I'd love to connect with you!

My first love was video editing, but now I love shooting, editing and marketing! I also love meeting new people and working with them and their business to reach their full potential. I graduated from George Mason University in 2018! I majored in Communications and concentrated in Media Production and Criticism. Some of my hobbies include, going on hikes with friends, going to the gym, spending time with my family, and of

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I'm ashley, video creator, photographer, and marketing strategist.

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I try to make it a point to travel for pleasure and for passion projects. I love learning about other cultures. I have been to about 10 countries (the picture to the left was taken when I was in Panama!). Not located in Virginia? No problem! Contact me for a personalized quote and I will be happy to work with you! 

traveling makes me oh-so-happy

I like to go to the gym, go to the spa and take mental breaks on most of the weekends. Because photography and videography take up a lot of my time, I find it important to unplug on the weekends and with my family, friends, and boyfriend. 

I'm all about my self - care routine

I am always at my family's on the weekends, whether it's my dad, my mom, my sister or my cousins and aunts and uncles. The picture to the left is my second cousin turning one! Family is so important, so I cherish the moments I have with them by taking pictures at all the big family events and birthday parties.

my family is a big part of my world

I knew in the beginning of my college career that I wanted to do video production, so I joined the on-campus TV broadcast station, Mason Cable Network. I volunteered for a year before I was granted a scholarship. I gained experience with video editing with the editing software Adobe Premiere Pro. I am still so grateful for that experience as it has helped me grow my expertise to where I am now to help create video content for businesses!

i graduated from george mason university and got a scholarship at mason cable network

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, which I guess is a good thing because they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I love hazelnut or vanilla iced coffee! Coffee with a breakfast sandwich is heaven for me. I tend to be a coffee snob, but I also love tea too, tea with short bread is my all time favorite!

i could survive on coffee, bread, and breakfast. is that bad?






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My goal is to always exceed your expectations and go above and beyond at events, yet I like to be a fly on the wall. I will be really involved in the pre-planning process, but I won't be in your face with a camera on the day of. This is especially true for corporate/holiday events! I think it's so important to capture the moments and get the best shots possible without intruding on the day of, making you feel comfortable is what I'm here for. Even if it's an interview style video, I want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible without feeling nervous on camera (we all know how nerve racking it can be). This is why the pre-planning meetings and knowing my style of shooting is so important.

I value the moments that are real and always want to exceed your expectations. I believe in more than just showing up and taking your photos and videos.

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