How A DJ Can Make Or Break Your Wedding (A Videographer's Perspective)


As you probably already know, finding not just A DJ, but a QUALITY DJ for your wedding is crucial. Not only can a quality DJ play the music you prefer, coordinate with your vendors, and transition the events smoothly, but us videographers really prefer it too! If your DJ's sound system goes out during the ceremony, not only will your guests not be able to hear the officiant and your vows, but the audio for the video may not be captured either! There's a series of events that impact one another and sometimes having a good dj can make your wedding flawless.

Having high quality audio is so important to me as a videographer because I want to be able to deliver the best quality video especially for what you are paying. Because you only say your vows once with the emotion you are feeling in that moment, if audio isn't captured that could ruin the video. There are various DJ's that I trust and always recommend and they are all with Black Tie Entertainment. Their DJs are very professional, care about your interest, and will make sure your event goes exactly according to plan. I have always had a great experience working with them and I know I can count on using their equipment for my videos to capture the couple's vows, toasts, speeches, prayers or anything else that may be important to you on your special day. Visit to see all of their DJs with the videos for each DJ!

Watch the wedding highlight video below that was done with one of Black Tie Entertainment's DJs, Alicia Robinson! She made sure the audio was clear and didn't announce anything until she knew I was ready!

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